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      Shenzhen Environmental Thinking Science & Technology Co. Ltd. was founded in partnership with the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI) . It operates as an independent, strategic industry branch of TBSI.

      Our company is committed to large-scale data-driven environmental monitoring. Our services provide distributed environmental monitoring system, and the development, maintenance and consulting services for the big environmental data platform.  Using a fine-grained monitoring network that can be quickly deployed, and cloud-based big data analysis technology, we provide accurate and efficient solution for environmental management and decision making.

      In Chinese, Huan means environment as well as perfectness, which articulates our goal to make the environment perfect; Si means thought and prudence, which is our philosophy.

      We will uphold the scientific attitude, constantly explore and continue to move forward. We will continue to make our best contribution to the environmental protection effort in China.

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